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Troncones rental home, Troncones bed and breakfast, Troncones rental house, Troncones hotel, Troncones rental suite, Troncones beach rental, Troncones villas, Troncones b and b, Troncones bnb, Troncones bungalow
Troncones rental home, Troncones bed and breakfast, Troncones rental house, Troncones hotel, Troncones rental suite, Troncones beach rental, Troncones villas, Troncones b and b, Troncones bnb, Troncones bungalow
Troncones rental home, Troncones bed and breakfast, Troncones rental house, Troncones hotel, Troncones rental suite, Troncones beach rental, Troncones villas, Troncones b and b, Troncones bnb, Troncones bungalow
Troncones rental home, Troncones bed and breakfast, Troncones rental house, Troncones hotel, Troncones rental suite, Troncones beach rental, Troncones villas, Troncones b and b, Troncones bnb, Troncones bungalow


October 2-6 2009

Insane pad! My first of many visits. Thanks to my buddy Steve. We surfed the Ranch @ dawn; Fun 6- 8' sets. R+R @ Casa Delfin Sonriente made for a Perfect day... XS. It's gonna be hard to leave this beautiful place but good memories will last. Until next time.

Thanks. Gracias.

Jon U., Santa Barbara California

31 May 08

Glen - Again another great vacation only made better by the Casa and Crew - Good waves, Good food, Super Casa. See you soon

Pat & Sharon G.

August 5th, 2010

We have had the most amazing time here at Casa Delfin Sonriente! We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful place. The house is just perfect for a group of friends looking for an authentic and fun filled Mexico trip. Wonderful people and town, and awesome surf! It is certainly on my list to come back here. I loved everything about it. Hope to come back with my family to show them this amazing place!

Alexandra A.
San Francisco, CA

Hola Glen!
Gracias por unos dias muy lindos aqui en Casa Delfin Sonriente! Nos encanta tu casa! A ver si nos vemos en Norvega
Tusen T.!

02/10/2007 Wow! Awesome! Great! Fantastic! Fun & Sun, lots of great meals! Swimming, reading, relaxing. Did I say Wow? Awesome? This is a great place to be. We enjoyed it very much. Thank you for your warm & friendly hospitality. We hope to be back again! Neil & Mary

02/20/2007 We have stayed at different places in Mexico and have always enjoyed ourselves, but this is it! What a great time, fabulous place, wonderful people, great food what more can I say? Enjoyed all of it. 10 days of bliss! Thank you, Marc, Jean, Max and Gabe. Petaluma CA.

02/20/2007 The recent week plus. We have been enjoying this oasis. My friends have not missed a delicious meal made by Lulu they are absolutely delicious this is a paradise place managed by a wonderful staff. Thank you all, Deborah. Portland OR.

02/28/2007 We spend a week every year in your country to celebrate my birthday. But this year David and I agree that we have truly discovered Mexico. We love Troncones. Lulu and Oscar are wonderful hosts. Thank you so much for a wonderful visit. It was great to meet you Glen. And hope to see you again next February. Now its back home to Minnesota for us. Penelope & David

03/10/2007 Thanks to everyone for a incredible first trip to Troncones. You all have the best place to stay we hope to come back soon. Great place, great meals, great beach, great waves. Dennis, Carolyn, Devan & Hogan

04/24/2007 Hola! Wow! Never been to Mexico. What an introduction!! Amazing, Beautiful, Awesome!!! Casa Delfin Sonriente is so nice. The staff are great. Hate to leave, well be back for sure. Debbie & Eric

First time surf trip to Troncones and the swell did not disappoint. Thanks for a wonderful stay and the receptiveness of the staff to all my needs. I will be back, you have a wonderful thing going on here at Casa Del Fin. Dan

Thanks for making this the best vacation I've ever had. Say hi to Jackie and Maria for me. Thank Liona for cleaning the ham and eggs off my face and Kitty for climbing my head in the mornings. I hope we will come back here for a billion more times. Thanks, I love you man.

7/25/98 -- Glen, thanks for the surf out front and the advice for the road. We're off to Vespa, but I am sure that we will see you again. Your place is gorgeous, I am going to have to come back and bring my gal next time. Teach her to surf on that springboard in the front yard. Thanks, adios.

7/29/98 -- Glen, thank you for taking good care of me. We've covered so much ground since I've been here. From that first smoke to the snorkeling and surf lesson; from buying, gutting and scaling and preparing local fish to chopping bamboo under sweltering skies. Most of all we've enjoyed relaxing moments, starlight skinny dipping in the pool, electric light show on the roof, cool margaritas at the tropic. Thanks too, to Leona for all those long walks she took with us. Good luck to all, Jesse and Julia, San Francisco.

What a perfect sunrise, and a perfect start to a much needed honeymoon. Justin and I weren't sure what we were in for as we stopped off at the fallen bridge and began dragging our luggage through the muddy path, soon enough smiling face drives up and us to "the best place on the beach." This is an understatement. Waking up to Carmen's breakfast after sleeping beside the waves and being greeted by a friendly happy face (Jaak) is only a start to a beautiful day in Troncones. Justin and I feel lucky to stay with another pair of "honeymooners." I think we will come back here. I can't wait to tell our friends of our special "find" in Mexico and Jaak at Casa Dona Nicca (a must). Thanks for a perfect start to the beginning of our new life. Renee and Justin Cohen. LA.

Nov. 23, 1998 -- Something special going on here - and it's something to do with Casa Delfin, the sun, the surf, Jaak, Leona, Glen, Carmen, Let's. Keep on staying well, you all. We will be back... Carla and Jack, Alaska.

3 January, 1999 -- Jaak, Tara, Carmen, et al. Thanks for your hospitality. This has turned out to be a very nice vacation. Ixtapa-Zihuat has nothing on this place. This is the most peaceful vacation that we've ever had. Casa Delfin is the nicest place on the beach. Jaak is an unforgettable character. Best of luck in your future enveavors. Forrest and Shirley Cooper, OR.

25 February, '99 -- This has been our most relaxing and pleasurable vacation that we can ever remember. The friendliest and kindness and attention of all of the team could not be bettered. And we loved all of the facilities that were made available to us.We'll try to be a little more adventurous in our next visit. Maureen and Dick UK.

Dear Jaak. Our experience of what we truly believe to be a vacation. We arrive at the Westin as so many tourists in a "vacation trap", only seeing and believing what the masses believe to be the "Mexico experience." Fed up and tired of the commercial experience, propagated by tourism, we go in search of the real Mexico. Enter Jaak. Divine intervention. His life is everything we wish to have. Casa Delfin is indeed the most lovely place in such a removed environment from that commercial place known as Ixtapa. Our love thanks and best wishes for showing us that paradise exists and is obtainable. Thanks for the best surf of my life. Rebeka and Delane.

May 8, 1999
Weather A+
Villa A+
Staff A+
The Week A+
Thank you for a wonderful and relaxing week. Glen, you are truely a unique individual, you efforts to meet our every need were outstanding! for the festival on Wednesday night and the school trips, and the meals! Carmen and Mark, thanks for helping to make the week wonderful... Bike trip, cave trip, breakfast and flowers in the room. Leaving this afternoon will be difficult. Adios, Bob and Susan Fixer, CA.

Late May full moon -- We had a sensational time! What a beautiful place for us to tune out the rest of the world, and bask in the sun and fun. Caves were awsome and we have never experienced anything like it. Hope to return before too many discover this hidden paradise. Jeff and Callie Murray.

5-30/99 -- Two sweaty guys driving around in a stinky car, smoking & drinking. Then they come home too stoked from surf to appreciate the beautiful surroundings until their third day. Now Imagine their chagrin when they are faced with the prospect of leaving this macho paradise. See you soon. Ron Richter and Todd Spector.

10/08/99 -- Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful and friendly atmosphere, while we have a holiday. Dad and I are exhausted after all the activity this week. But seriously, we had a wonderful time and we have to come back. Don't forget to teach mutley the "take" trick. Sam.

Thank you so much for your warm and sincere hospitality. We really appreciate the efforts you both made to welcome us to your beautiful paradise. I shall never forget. Your place is really gorgeous and full of artistic touches. I couldn't have imagined a better holiday, such a peaceful and inspirational place. Roy Flores and Aurelie. CA.

11-7-99 -- We, the three amigos of the cabanas, must say that our stay has been very enjoyable. We thank you for your constant care and looking out for us on our awesome surf journey. The ranch was good, and the boat ride a was an adventure. My arms are still tired from all the paddling. Someday we will surf the break in the front of the house with you again. Hasta la way go, amigo. Jeff, Jerry and Peter.

Just wanted to let you know we loved staying at casa delfin.
We stayed Tuesday-Thursday last week, then went to nexpa.
We came back to Triconnes on Sunday night kind of late and stopped at delfin.
Nobody was around and we hung with the folks we met earlier in the week.
It got late and we crashed upstairs.
We cleaned up and were out of there at sunrise.
We left 60.00 behind the bar ticket.
The other guest actually talked us into staying.
If 60 dollars doesn't cover the crash, I'd be happy to make things right.
Your place rocks, and I'm hopefully heading back down, on the next strong series of south's with my wife.
We were forced to stay at mant? bay resort our last night, and it did not have that peaceful vibe like the delfin.

Todd Mitchell

Glen and Dinorah,
Abbie and I (and my brother Barry aka Michael) just wanted to let you know we had a wonderful time staying at Casa Delfin Sonriente. I was amazed at
how clean, organized and well maintained you keep the property. We've never stayed at such a unique and surfer friendly place. I could see that many
hours of love and hard work have gone into the place and your efferts far exceeded our expectations. We didn't want to leave. Abbie and I enjoyed the (huge) Rose Suite and the air conditioning was working fine which Abbie loved. Barry was in his own little world up in the
Papaya Tree Suite and he loved it up there with Alpha keeping him company. We spent a lot of time enjoying that beautiful pool too. Oscar and Lulu helped us every day with anything we needed and really made us feel like one of the family. I wish the world had more guys like Oscar.
Lulu was great at making sure our tanks stayed full with a fresh breakfast each day, I love those pancakes. The surf was up every day and we surfed Saladita each morning and evening. I hope to be back down again this fall for some more waves and if it works out
a stay at your place. Have a great summer, take it easy and thanks again.

Kind Regards Always.
Brad and Abbie S.

This was the absolute most wonderful vacation that we could have had! Your generosity, kindness and hospitality is unmatched by anyone (mums the word!). Thank you so much for being part of our family for Thanksgiving; a true example of the meaning of this holiday. We enjoyed very much the beautiful scenery, the activities and conversation. As we travel back to our separate destinations, engraved in our thoughts are the wonderful times we have had at Casa Delfin Sonriente.
Rick & Rene

We will be back My wife changed on this tripIn more ways than one!
Terry McDermst

11/27/2001 What a trip! There is nothing like falling asleep and waking up to the crash of roaring waves. I will never forget it, and the world will feel still and quite after this. Thanks for the wonderful retreat!
Love & Hugs, Lena Willing

01/09/2002 Amazing! Oscar & Lulu Rock! We ate, ate, ate, swam, swam, swam, snorkeled, read, slept (a lot) and enjoyed many beautiful sunsets on the beach. Such a great group of people here (and coincidently, so many teachers). We will definitely be back.

06/13/2002 Another wonderful time in paradise. Four years was to long to stay away. Oscar and Lulu and Arturo were the best of hosts and it was great to meet Rick. (Glen well have to meet you next time) Well be back, next time with our boy Chandler, who has a special connection with this place already. Thanks for the Chilaquiles they were awesome. Muchas Gracias! Pat & Steve Michels, Portland OR.

06/24/2002 We enjoyed our 3rd annual Snyder family reunion at your Villa. The surfers enjoyed Solidita & Patricks banana pancakes. The Boogie Boarders loved the beach in front of Burro Burrancho. The food and margs are great too! Oscar and Lulu made us feel at home and Aurturo was great fun in the pool with the kids. We loved the Hammock so much we are bringing some home. We will think of Troncones when we lay in them in Aptos, CA. Vivian Snyder and Family

08/2002 It wasnt bad, All I needed was my dog Carlie. I liked breakfast and dinner out of all the food to eat. I loved the hammock by the kitchen. My brother and I usually wanted it at the same time unfortunately. Kelly Norman (10 years old)

03/08/2003 Casa Delfin has been a wonderful spot to simply kick back and relax. Leisurely breakfasts followed by walks on the beach and reading in the hammock. What a vacation plan! Thanks to all, Julie and Marty

22/04/2003 Glen: Thanks! Its a beautiful place, we enjoy this. The pool and all were very good and clean. We are Mexicans. Rami Chuchin

04/27/2003 Snakeman Dan was here Had a great time throwing some shoes, drinking Donuts Black Label and fishing with Samba. This is one bad ass pad. Nice job!! Thank you, Snakeman. P.S. there really are some fun waves around. A piece of me will always be here. Mas Cerveza

Hey Glen. This place is certainly great except for the sharks nipping at our toes, and the alligators in the pool. Life is good here. We especially enjoyed the unusual creatures lizards, sand crabs, rock crabs, hermit crabs, boiled crabs, steamedfried we have dreams of coming back with 16 of our best friends and having a week get-a-way in this town with a soccer game versus the locals. Next time we come, please fix the gate to keep out the Burros they are probably still drunk after drinking all of our cerveza! Great flowers, thanks to the help who are absolutely wonderful, I just wish that we knew Spanish to talk to them. I bet they are all wonderfully nice people. Eric and Annie. Seattle, WA

06/24/2003 Glen, Lulu, Oscar, Marbella, Muttley, Alpha, Chili Thank you all for making our stay so lovely. We can hardly beleave that a whole week has come and gone Id be content to walk the beach and read by the pool for many more days But alas the real world is calling and its back to work we go Hope to return someday. Love, Brad & Meara

To the folks at Casa Delfin Sonriente, thank you for the hospitality and attracting the right people. Glen the woodwork and artistry of this place is awesome. Much like a grand ocean going vessel this place has style from the top all the way down to the beach. Betsy and I enjoyed ourselves very much and look forward to returning. Thanks for all.

Yup, thats right! Couldnt think of a better spot then the Papaya Suite for a honeymoon. We truly loved it here. This place is so beautifully kept with such wonderful people. Thanks to Oscar, Lulu, Inez and Marbella!! The welcome spelled in flower petals was the first clue we had come to the right spot! Thanks Glen for all thentips on trips and being such a great host. We look forward to another stint in the Papaya Suite. All the best.

10/24/2003 Glen Once again I am amazed at the beauty of your Casa. The lightning show last night was incredible! Count your blessing when you are here. Its heaven on earth and after 4 visits, I have come to the conclusion that this is how one should live their lives. See you next year for sure. Steve, Shane, Joel, Doug and Dave

Glen, Diana and I had a wonderful time in Troncones. The Cas Delfin is a wonderful Casa with plenty of Aloha spirit. It will be really hard to adjust after such a great week. The Delfin suite is the best, and I will always remember the openness of our suite. Thanks again, Brent & Diana

08/14/2004 A great time in a beautiful place, I think we will be back in the next year or so. Thanks for the map for our bike ride Glen, it was awesome! Ian

09/25/2004 Glen, we missed you this time, 12-18 at the ranch 4 days straight, then 8-10. No one out except for Todd Mitchell, Tom Lee, Myself and 2 strays (a brit guy and his hot girlfriend). Awesome experience! Second trip within 30 days. We look forward to next season and will time swell accordingly. See you on the fly. Smooth sailing! George. Ventura CA.

05/03/2005 Oh My God!!! 10 whole days in paradise. A unbelievable experience which we will always remember. Staying at the Smiling dolphin has been un-matched by anything anywhere. Great hosts, Glen you have been a fountain of knowledge and such a cool person to be staying with. Lulu and Oscar have looked after us and the place with undying love. Great people to be around here and in Troncones Real people. The sort of people that make you want to come back. Gringos and Mehicanos alike!! Gonna miss the sun, the food, the drinking and everyone here. Gonna remember our first wave down at Boces and the feeling that came with it. Thanks again, Mike and Annie

07/20/2005 Glen, it was nice meeting you on my second trip to the Casa Delfin in the country hamlet of Troncones. You are a great host and I hope you dont sell. This is a special place, very special. Another successful trip with Walter and Henry. 4 days of world class waves makes it a successful trip. I hope we can go ride together on my next visit. Aloha, Mike Garret

06/2006 Our surf trip to Mexico was so awesome. The waves were great, the accommodations perfect, the food too good and we ate too much. Our home base here made the trip the best though. A dip in the pool after a morning session, a game of cards, a nap in the hammock, a game of horseshoes, the friendly pets, all helped us forget our normally stressed world and live in paradise for a week. We hope to come back again. Team Florida

07/27/2006 We forgot about the time because we had such a marvelous time. Thank you Glen for being such a great host. If we come back we promise to lease a surftrip and if we dont, we will send you our children but we wont tell to many people about the Delfin because one shouldnt tell everybody.

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